DIY Going Away Gift Ideas



I knew the day would come when we would all graduate college and start our adult lives. It is still strange to think that people I have been friends and neighboors with for over a decade are moving all the way from across the country to across the world.

This particular week, I have two long-time friends going-away parties that I am attending, so I  have been scouring Pinterest for gift ideas that don’t break the bank & won’t be thrown out during their moving process.

My favorites include anything you can personalize. I am a HUGE DIY-er and believe that handmade things hold more value.

Here are some ideas that I’ve had.

Polaroid or Fuji Camera


  • No, don’t give them an actual camera. I’m thinking about investing in a digital  Polaroid camera so I can take pictures of friends at the parties and get each friend to leave a little message of encouragement on the back. Pictures are super easy to carry when traveling, and being able to see your friends and get a lil’ pep talk when you need it can go a long way.
  • You can purchase these online at Amazon or in most stores such as Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. The digital Polaroid costs (without film & SD card) between $100 -130, while the Fuji will cost around $50 – 70 without film.

A Heartfelt Map


  • This is probably the easiest (and the cheapest) idea on the list.
  • Simply buy a map (specifically of the area that you and your friend reside in) and either leave it be or cut it into a heart. From there you can frame it and get other friends to sign it and leave messages.
  • Click here for the link to Pinterest. 

For the BFFs – Matching Mugs


Need more inspo? 

Here are some other ideas I found while scouring the interwebs of Pinterest. If there is one thing I know, it’s that I would definitely want these things at my going away party. Linked below.




 Click Here : “Adios Bitchachos” Gold Sparkle Banner ($18)

 Click Here : “Toodles to you bitches” Drake on Cake

 Click Here : “Bye Felicia” Card ($4.50)

Let me know what gifts you would like for a going away party in the comments below!

As always, stay wild!

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