She Said Yes!

With graduation coming to a close and summer fast approaching, tis’ the season for engagements. Already on my FaceBook feed were a slew of friends and acquaintances from years past professing their love for each other with a sweet diamond ring.

While it wasn’t my turn to put a ring on my finger, I was fortunate enough to be tasked with helping my dear friend with her engagement. I’ve known Kayla since 2014 when we started working together at The Rec center on campus. As I moved on to work in different departments, I watched her move up the ranks to become a well-respected employee and friend. I even watched the love unfold as her boyfriend starting working along her side.

Sparks flew for Kayla and Kade when they met for the second time underneath a large rolling oak tree on Toomer’s Corner (the most coveted Auburn Tradition) after a victory on the plains. I remember seeing pictures of them on their first date when he took her flying in his little two-seater plane at sunset. Their engagement was no less romantic.

We snuck past her suspicions by getting her to dress up for a “photo shoot” with her closest friends. Little did she know that as we were walking back to the very place that the sparks flew for her and her beloved that he would be waiting with friends and family at the end to get down on one knee. As we approached, heartfelt signs of admiration were hung from the trees leading up to the very spot it would take place. The closer we got, the more specific to Kayla the signs became until Kade popped around the corner and their love was set in stone with a beautiful ring.

Take a look at how the day unfolded.


& the best is yet to come.

Congrats Kayla & Kade!

Do you have any sweet engagement stories? Leave me a comment below!

As always, stay wild.

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