The 3 items you need to banish dry skin fast! (Lush & L’Occtitane)

What’s up wild child?

Winter weather got your skin screaming for moisture?

Flakey, dry skin can leave you in pain and your skin looking not so young and glowy. Plus, let’s be honest, dry skin NEVER looks good under makeup.

After Eugene and I’s two and a half week trip to Moscow, my skin was left rough, dry, and dull – which is not typical! On our first night back in the states, Eugene suggested we have an at-home spa night and pamper ourselves a bit to combat both the jetlag and our dry city skin (ick!).

We ended up popping into some of my favorite skincare stores in Bham. I was a bit skeptical of the things we got, but now I am obsessed! Check out what we got and how we used them, below!

For our first stop, we picked up two face masks at LUSH cosmetics!

I was looking for something exfoliating, soothing and moisturizing. The Bham store was a bit limited in their selection of masks that day (they had sold out of most!). So, we picked up what we could!

Step 1: Mask of Magnaminty – Self Preserving

This all-natural, minty-refreshing face and body mask was the perfect exfoliant we needed to slouf off all the dull dry skin! It’s infused with peppermint extract and feels wonderful on the face. Sprinkled with ground aduki beans and primrose seeds, this mask is a great gentle exfoliant that won’t cause small tears on your skin. Fifteen minutes later we were looking brighter, cleaner, and more even toned!

Pick it up from your local Lush store or online for only $14.95!


Step 2: Ayesha Fresh Face Mask

The Ayesha face mask is the soothing and moisturizing part of the facial. The mask is made fresh and delivered to the store every Thursday. Ayesha along with a few other masks must be kept in a refrigerated area so the contents do not spoil (yes, it is that fresh!) Eugene and I loved this mask! The coolness of the mask from being in the frig helped calm and soothe our dry skin even more! Designed to tighten, tone, and brighten skin, Ayesha’s ingredients such as witch hazel, kiwi, and honey will leave you with a fresh, youthful glow!

Purchase the lovely Ayesha mask instore or online for $9.95!


Step 3: Peony Perfecting Cream

Ahh, the final step in our dry skin relief routine!

While shopping for our facial ingredients, we hopped over to my all-time favorite skincare store – L’Occitane! I was definitely talked into buying this item, but I’m so glad I did! This moisturizer is DIVINE. My moisture-deprived skin soaked it up so fast! After step one and two, the Peony Perfecting Cream left me feeling soft and velvety.

Find it instore or online for $44.00!



If you are concerned with how long these ingredients will last, I would say that this routine would last 2 -3 months depending on if you did it once or twice a week! Not a bad investment when you consider the cost of getting a facial every other week!

I hope you enjoyed! If you try it out, let me know how it goes by commenting below!

What is your go-to dry skin routine? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Wild!

xoxo – Hadden

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