What is up Wild Child?

Hadden here.

This blog has been almost a year in the making and has been my dream for even longer. I have had so many ideas and directions I’ve wanted to take it along the way and have honestly been so scared to actually share it with the world.

Let me take you through a quick journey of how I became A Wild Hadden.

2014: I was a freshman in college and started my first blog. At the time (and still today) I was uber passionate about vegetarianism, nutrition, and expression of self, so I decided to start creating the content that I was passionate about and wanted to see in the online world. It was called The Inspired Vegetarian. I loved it. It was honestly so much fun, but I got a bit too obsessed with it and started to slack off with school…….so I had to say g’bye.

2016: I was constantly reading blogs and watching bloggers on Youtube and started to get the itch to create another blog! I felt like this time around I knew the commitment that it would take and knew that I really wanted to grow and share my content. Originally, I wanted it to focus on fashion, but at the same time, I was really intimidated by that idea. So, obviously nothing happened.

2017: This is when things started to happen. I was writing health-focused articles for my job (peep Bewellauburn.com) and was super passionate about creating content with that focus. Over the summer, I had just graduated college and had a break from literally everything before I started grad school in the fall so I decided it was the best time to make shit happen!

For literally months, I planned and brainstormed about what I wanted my blog to look like and what it should be called. Like my previous idea, I still wanted A Wild Hadden to be fashion-centric. I published a few posts, but honestly felt awkward always asking my friends to take pictures of me…and then I started grad school…

2018: It was one of my biggest goals and New years resolutions to get my shit together and follow through on my blog. I knew that all I wanted to do was create content, but I was holding myself back with silly reasons. So, I have decided to take the approach that – yes, my blog is not perfect – no, I don’t really know what I’m doing – but ya’know what?

I’m doing it.

And that’s really all that matters.

So, I hope that has answered any questions you had about how this blog was born into the interwebs!


A Wild Hadden


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