Mini Glossier Haul Review

I recently gave into this past year’s trendiest no-makeup trend: Glossier.

Their minimalistic packaging and “no-makeup makeup” theme have skyrocketed them into social media stardom, with a lot of hype to follow. I decided to take the dive and try them out after my boyfriend says he actually prefers my no makeup face to my full-on glam. (Thank You Eugene for helping me embrace my flaws!) I tried a couple of days going about town sans makeup and just felt completely naked and vulnerable. I had no idea how dependent I was on makeup to make me feel normal. Because of this, I was inspired to ditch the makeup ( or at least some of it ), and focus on having great skin naturally. So, I did my research and tried a few Glossier products for both skincare and makeup.

After trying out each product for a few days, I definitely didn’t think I would be wearing Glossier on a daily basis since it is so sheer. Instead, I started using it as my weekend go-to makeup for a more relaxed look and to give my skin a bit of a break. Overall, I can’t really complain about any of the products. Let me explain.

Super Pure $28

I started using this product a few months back when I had just gotten on a new birth control and was going through the “my hormones are attacking me and my I don’t recognize myself in the mirror” phase. I used the oil religiously, and while it didn’t give me flawless, baby-smooth skin it did help a little bit. Honestly, it’s hard to ask a bottle to fix my hormones, so if you have non-hormone induced acne this may work better for you. (Thankfully, everything is *mostly back to normal now.)


Perfecting Skin Tint $26

My initial thoughts were, “there is no way in hell I’m wearing just this!”. It is so very sheer. Now that my skin has cleared up a bit, I feel totally comfortable wearing this with a pop of blush and bronzer to go about my day. It is light and easily blends in with my skin leaving me with a dewy complexion (I don’t even bother using a highlighter when I wear this!) If I have any imperfections I feel like covering up I will dab some concealer on those spots before (and after) applying the skin tint.

I have shade Medium.


Cloud Paint $18

I feel mixed about Glossier’s cloud paint. Everything is so pretty from the packaging to the product, it’s hard not to love. To have the same effect as either the blush or bronzer I typically wear, I have to add layer after layer of product. It applies almost as sheer as the skin tint. While it is very, very pretty, I think I prefer my everyday blush and bronzer to do the trick. Because, if I didn’t want to wear makeup….then I wouldn’t wear makeup. Simple.

I have shade Dusk.

_170410141032_glossier dusk_full

I hope this review helped! If you would like to see before & after try-on’s of the skin tint and cloud paint let me know in the comments below!!!

Stay Wild,

xoxo Hadden

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