Hello all you wild childs! How have you been? 

It’s been a while since I published a post. To be honest, when I officially launched this blog I had high expectations for myself and my goals (which isn’t a bad thing). However, I think I was more focused on creating content that people (you) would like and content that had PERFECT SEO rather than staying true to myself and making content I was truly passionate about and challenged me creatively.  

It took me a few months to figure myself out, and I have changed a few things (for the better). I think you are going to like my new (real) style a little bit better – and if you don’t, at least I will. 


Here in Alabama, it’s still in the high 80s and even the 90s in October. While everyone is still realistically wearing shorts and flip-flops – it’s nice to play with a few fall essentials (as long as you are heavily air conditioned).

Hopefully, these fall staples will trick the weather into the 70s….fingers crossed!

Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Screw the nay-sayers who say no white after Labor Day. White is a classic color that transfers throughout any season, age, etc.
This sweater is new and ohh-so-cozy. It is perfect for both lounging around the home and running errands and getting lunch with friends! White skirt is from Free People and is super comfortable and flattering.
This buffalo check plaid shirt dress is actually from a fake market in Shanghai that I bought in 2015. I’m telling ya’ the East sets the trends – and this one is a classic.
I bought these shoes from Nordstrom Rack for my upcoming trip to Saint Petersburg to walk around the city. While tennis shoes proved the best walking shoes on my trip, I absolutely fell in love with these! They are a must-have staple for any closet!

Got a question or want more info? I can’t read your mind, so leave me a comment below!


Until next time, xoxo



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