ATLANTA Pt.1: Krog Street Tunnels

Eugene and I are trying to figure out where we want to live once I graduate from the MBA program in May. (Oh my god it can not come fast enough!) We decided not too long ago that we want to get our butts out of Alabama and move to a big city with interesting people and things to do.  (I could go on but, let’s get to the outfits!)

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Atlanta, but never really exploring the city. I finally got the chance to check out the city with Eugene and his sister and I absolutely fell in love!

Here are some photos from our time exploring the Krog Street Tunnels. Not featured are the actual tunnels covered top to bottom in graffiti! If you haven’t been, you need to go check it out! Plus, there is a super cool restaurant/retail market closely with a lil’ sum thing for anyone.

Outfit details are in photo comments!

Is this not the coolest art? I fell in love with this feline and had to get some pics with it.
Okay, almost my entire outfit is from Target. “Leather” jacket and military jumper are both from Target. I honestly didn’t like the jumper because it was scratchy and looked more like a Halloween costume, BUT I think I’m kind of into it now.
These are my computer glasses that I use to cut out the blue light from all of my screen time, but I actually think they made my looks for the weekend. I purchased them from Amazon for about $15 if you are wondering!
These shoes! Okay, the pictures really don’t do them ANY justice. They are a hot pink satin and are a real statement for any outfit! These are Sam Edelman from about 2 years ago. I purchased them in August of 2017 at Nordstrom Rack. I’m sure they can be found on Google for a good price!


What none of you know about me is that I am obsessed with insects! I’ve been collecting them for about 5 years and love anything bug related. So obviously this pillow made me a little too excited.


Have you visited Atlanta? Where are some spots that you liked? I definitely have some more recommendations I will be sharing in later posts!

Have a question? I can’t read your mind! Leave me a comment below of what you would like to see! 


As always stay wild, 

xoxo H

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