ATLANTA Pt. 2 // Pop of Green Fall Outfit

Calling all Wild Childs! Are you out there? 

Here is a little pt.2 of my Atlanta weekend trip from a few weeks ago.

Disclaimer: Eugene and I went for the weekend to attend the end of International Women’s Fashion Week only to discover that it was seemingly fraudulent. Here’s my story.

Their website seemed legit until I started reading and it was all fluff and no real details. Eugene and I both emailed them multiple times with no response. We called one of the customer service numbers they provided to find that it was disconnected. And the real kicker for me was that they had tens of thousands of “followers” on Instagram and only like 30 likes per picture…..something didn’t quite sit well with me after that.

Has anyone attended or have any information on the Atlanta International Women’s Fashion Week? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Instead, we ended up checking out a couple of farmers markets, fall festivals, and my favorite – the High Museum of Art!

Check out my green dream outfit of the day! Outfit details in photo descriptions. 

Smiling big because I’m in one of my favorite places – the High Museum! Emerald statement necklace bought on Poshmark for $25!
Found a matching vintage car and couldn’t resist a photo op. Denim dress bought at local thrift store for $2 . 😉 White button down undershirt is vintage Brooks Brothers from my mom’s closet and is the best white shirt I own!
Neon green kicks are Puma – purchased ” like new” for $30 on Poshmark!
Floral clutch I bought at a market in Shanghai in 2015 – and this was the FIRST time I actually used it!
Of course, I couldn’t miss a photo op with some bugs. Honestly, this is my favorite picture of the day!

Something I am trying to teach myself is to be confident in my own skin and the fantastical clothing creations I come up with. This was probably the first day of my life that I wore something that I LOVED but knew didn’t really fit the “norm” – and honestly it was extremely empowering. Looking at these photos just make me happy to be me.

What are you doing to practice self-love? Gimme some tips in the comments below! 

As always stay wild, 

xoxo H

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