Weekend in the city: Spunky Fall Outfit

Hey there Wild Child’s! 

I am so excited to share this look with you today! Two things I want to talk with you about:

  1. You can create cool, spunky outfits with anything in your closet right now
  2. I live in Birmingham, AL (but I want to know what YOU think about it)

Let’s get into it! 

Most of the clothes I’m wearing have been in my closet for 3+ years. Only two pieces had I recently bought. (I’ll explain what’s what later). My point is that you can create cool looks in almost any style you want with what you have in your closet RIGHT NOW.

Not only that, but 99% of this outfit was purchased at a discounted or free rate. Crazy, right? Lemme’ break it down for ya’.

  • Hot pink ski beanie: Purchased at a ski shop on sale
  • “Leather moto jacket: Less than $40 at Target 
  • Large gold earrings: bought with a gift card at Belk
  • 100% silk polka-dot blouse: vintage designer piece from my mom’s closet  (thanks, mom)
  • Silver chrome pleated skirt: bought used on Poshmark for $15
  • Nude heels: purchased for $30 at my local TJ Maxx in flippin’ high school. 
  • Silver and Gold Chain Necklace: David Yurman hand-me-down from my mom (THANK YOU, mom)
  • Lilac “Prada” purse: Okay, I bought this purse for $40 at a fake market during my study abroad in Shanghai, China. It lasted me two full and lovely years before I retired it. 


I am Birmingham, AL born and bred. Yes, I want to leave ASAP, but the city also has a fond place in my heart. What are your thoughts on Birmingham? Have you visited before?

I am really interested in hearing some outside opinions! 🙂

Any, I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did. Let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas for the future in the comments below!

I can’t read your mind! Let me know your thoughts. 

As always stay wild, 

xoxo Hadden

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