Date night outfit: Rent the Runway

What’s up Wild Childs?

(Read to the end to get $30 off your first Rent the Runway purchase!!!!)

I am all about saving a dime and am not afraid of using pre-owned items. Thrift stores, re-sale apps like Poshmark, and now Rent the Runway Update! 

Last month, I registered for Rent the Runway Update after months of debating whether it was worth the price. Rent the Runway Update is a type of subscription service where you can chose 4 fabulous pieces a month for $89. The value in this is that you don’t have to invest in these higher-price point pieces (some are priced higher than $400!) and you get to swap your styles out each month! 

( Keep in mind, a lot of bloggers (and people) will buy clothes – wear them for pictures, functions, etc. and return them. A lot of what you see online isn’t real – in fact most of it isn’t. I think RTR is a good way to still try nice clothes, in an ethical and transparent way that is fun for everyone! )

I specifically rented this dress in October to try and convince E to take me out to dinner and dancing (something I’ve been wanting to do since we started dating). This dress is not something I would ever buy for myself, but it was SO FUN to try out a new look!


Save $30 bucks on your first Rent the Runway purchase! Use the link below:

By the way, we didn’t go dancing. At least not yet. (; Hint Hint, Eugene!

What is your favorite date night with your S/O? I need ideas! Leave me a comment below. 

Questions, comments, or just wanna’ connect? I can’t read your mind! Leave me a comment below!

As always stay wild, 

xoxo Hadden

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