Weekend OOTD: Fall Farmer’s Market

Hello all you Wild Child’s! 

Fall is in full-swing down in Birmingham, AL and I am LOVING it. I can finally break out the warm autumnal tones that are classic to the season and admire all of the changing golden leaves falling to the ground. 

I’m not the only one loving the weather down here. Eugene has decided to reject the air conditioner all together and opt for an open-door policy, leaving me wearing my ski clothes indoors.

My hands and feet get SO COLD! Can anyone relate? Leave me a comment below! 

Anyway, let’s get into today’s post. 

Almost every Saturday morning since this past May, E and I have been waking up at 7 am to be the first ones at Pepper Place Farmers Market! Pepper place is the best farmers market in Alabama (and in my opinion, the entire Southeast).

We have a tradition of getting a coffee and a chai tea latte (the best one on earth – it deserves it’s own damn post!!) and then mozying around the market, picking up fresh warm bread and listening to folk music.

Pepper place is truly the heart of Birmingham and by far my favorite thing to do in my city. (:

Enough talking – let’s get to the outfit!

Beanie is a beautiful Lilac color I just recently bought at Target.
The holy grail of Chai Tea Latte ❤
Okay, I bought this raincoat (yes, raincoat) in HIGHSCHOOL. So like 6 or 7 years ago (wow, I’m old). It is from BODEN.
Boden is a clothing company based in the UK and they seriously have the cutest stuff not just for you but your whole fam! Plus everything is super high quality! Click here to search their USA website : http://www.bodenusa.com
This nordic-looking mid layer is a piece I just bought at a ski shop. E and I are going skiing in Austria in January so I had to prep all of my layers!


Me in real life. A wild Hadden.


Do you have any weekend traditions? Let me know!


Comments, questions, or wanna’ connect? I can’t read your mind! Give me a comment below! 


As always stay wild, 


xoxo Hadden

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