How to Rock Safari Style this Summer

Hey Wild Child!

Warm rays, beach days, and pure bliss. Who else is begging for summer to come early?!?

Here in Birmingham, the weather has multiple personalities. Currently, we are edging between torrential downpour and 80 degrees with blue skies. The weather men (and women) can’t keep up, and neither can I.

I’ve been thinking lately about summer 2019 staples and the new trends emerging. I’m all for rainbow, pastels, neons and lavenders! BUT, BUT, BUT. I always have fun remixing old summer classics.

So today I thought I would take on the classic summer “safari” look – or what my step-dad calls “Jungle Jane” lol.

Links to all pieces are at the end of the article!

#1 Bows, Bows, Bows

I will always be in favor of frilly, feminine pieces – especially when paired with traditionally more masculine looks. I adore how women styled scarfs, belts and broaches way back when! Any chance to emulate Grace Kelly, is chance worth taking!

I purchased this vintage red and eggplant colored scarf at a cute shop in Atlanta last year. I think it pairs perfectly with the structured army green romper.

Crystal bracelets are also from another little shop in ATL!


#2 Pair it with some accent pieces

I went with a pop of red. It seems as though I always go with a pop of red. What can I say? It flatters me. lol. Also, red is a great contrast against the green!

Safari colors are typically neutrals. Tans, browns, creams, and greens are are best to use for base layers – then build on accent pieces on top.

If you wanted to go the opposite direction, I think a monotone look of tans and creams would be simple, stunning, and classic!


#3 To Romp or Not to Romp?

I chose to romp. The so-called Jungle Jane look could be just as easily achieved; with almost any combo of clothes. Typically the safari look is best achieved with items that are highly structured and cotton or linen fabric. I personally think linen gives the best look, plus it is most comfortable!


#4 Throw in a Fanny Pack

A part of the safari chic look is having pockets on pockets. Since my romper is lacking in pockets, I added my favorite hip bag from Target! It is a total Gucci dupe IMO & the perfect shade of red to pair with my other accent pieces.

Honestly, I recently haven’t been into carrying purses and bags. I feel like they are cumbersome and annoying to lug around everywhere, so this hip bag is definitely a solution for me!


Click on image to open link to new page.

Since all of my pieces are from previous seasons, I included new pieces that are available now at different price points for you to check out!


Forever 21 Chambray Button-front romper $18.99

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 3.26.01 PM

BLANKNYC Belted Utility Romper $118


Steve Madden Chevron Fanny Pack $45


Gucci GG Marmont 2.0 $1,150

0127da75-5849-4d50-ae1e-4f1b91f8e396Bindya Silk Tabby Scarf $24.97


MANTERO Labyrinth Silk Scarf $235


FENDI FF Flash Silk Scarf $420


Are these scarves not the coolest? Ugh, must resist shopping. 

I hope you enjoyed these looks! What style trend are you most looking forward to wearing this summer? Let me know !!

xoxo – stay wild



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