Prettiest Pajamas of 2019

Hi Wild Child!

Who doesn’t want to live in their pj’s?

Hint: No one

I personally am obsessed with pajamas and just being cozy in general. I especially like to have super comfy and luxurious pj’s – and pj sets are just too stinkin’ cute!! 

I found this set from Victoria’s Secret around Valentine’s Day and HAD TO HAVE IT.

 A nice little coupon in the mail didn’t hurt either. VS is almost always having sales!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, VS is no longer selling this exact set. Click the picture to open new link to the PJ sets that are currently available! (:


The weekends (and some weekdays) are ALL spent in my pj’s or some fancy sweats. One of E’s and mine favorite things to do when we have some spare time is to COOK.  Omeletes, Cheese Souffle, Burgers, Russian Pelmini – you name it, we cook it.


Recently, I’ve been spending some more time and $dough$ updating my pj and casual-wear because that is just about all I wear nowadays!


What is your go-to cozy outfit? I’d love to learn about some new brands – don’t be shy!!

Thank’s for reading, loves!

xoxo – stay wild


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