Silky Scarf Hair Ties: I launched my first product!



Introducing: Hello Hadden Silky Scarf Hair Ties

So. I took a step into the fashion biz and decided to launch my first product! These scarf hair ties are perfect for all seasons and honestly look so nice. The best thing about these hair ties (in my opinion) is that you can detach (and reattach) the scarf from the hair tie so you can wear the it separately or together.

One of my favorite ways to style a scarf is in my hair – BUT – the scarf ALWAYS falls out no matter how tight I seem to tie it!

ENTER: the revolutionary scarf hair tie. (No I didn’t invent it, but I think it’s pretty dang cool. )

This has been one of my dream projects for years. I remember as an 11 year-old ogling over the newest trends in Teen Vogue and constantly styling my “next big fashion debut” (lol) in my head. At the time, I thought it was just a far away dream, but little did I know I was setting some pretty big goals for big-girl Hadden.



1.  Three different colors for every season!

Each unit comes with a navy, yellow, and green hair tie for any season and any style.

2.  Multiple ways to style!

Whether you do up, half up, or even braided – your Hello Hadden scarf hair-tie will always look great! 

3. No slip!

Say Goodbye to silky scarfs constantly falling off your pony tail and ruining your look. These built-in hair ties will stay locked in your hair all day long!

4. Elevate your wardrobe!

Going casual? Throw on a Hello Hadden scarf hair tie. Doing classy? The Hello Hadden hair tie is the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit!

5.  No pulls or pain!

Give your hair a break with the Hello Hadden scarf scrunchies that never pull or snag! Leaving your hair silky smooth and feeling healthy.

Nautical Navy

Such a classic style. I’m convinced: navy can do no wrong. Picture yourself sailing the coast of Italy with your scarf (and your beautiful billowing hair) blowing in the fresh Italian breeze. I’ll take five, thanks.



Sunflower Yellow

This peppy pop of yellow is sure to brighten even the darkest days. Pair it with some crisp whites or any shade of blue to really do this piece justice. For the cooler months,  black or navy would take the sunshine down a notch while still keeping all eyes on you.


Emerald City Green

We’re off to see the wiza….well uhm, we’re off to be the boss babes that we are – and look fabulous doing it. This emerald green hair tie is as enviable as it is sophisticated. The classic green and pink combo is the perfect way to stay on trend this spring and summer, but be cautioned you are sure to turn a few heads – and even a few more complements.


So if you want to help support a recent grad and boss babe, go buy my hair ties. (Please, lol)

The quality is fantastic and each piece is so versatile. If you have any questions please let me know!

Thank you all for your time and support! (:
Stay wild, 

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