Three Rainbow Skirts you NEED this Summer!

These skirts aren’t all sunshine & lolipops.

While we don’t necessarily want to flashback to fifth grade and become the new Lisa Frank this summer, styling some fun and funky pieces will definitely be the highlight of the season!

Here are my favorite rainbow skirts for Summer 2019!

#1 Gucci Iridescent pleated midi skirt

Can Gio Bat do any wrong? This skirt speaks for itself with its psychedelic pleats and fabulous fabric….did I mention that pattern? It’s official. I’m shook. While Gucci isn’t currently selling this skirt, you might be able to find it pretty easily on high-end resale sights.

#2 IORANE Rainbow Skirt

Now THIS is rainbow. I freakin’ need this skirt in my life…like rn. I actually tried a to find a similar fabric online and had no luck whatsoever. So, let me know where a good place is to find some fun rainbow fabrics!

#3 OLIVIA RUBIN Penelope Classic Rainbow Skirt

Sequins? Check.

Rainbows? Check.

Classic & sophisticated style? Check and check.

Y’all this skirt has it all. This retro vibe rainbow striped skirt with the surprise element of being covered in almost unnoticeable sequins is the epitome of rainbow fashion this summer.

PS – I’m planning on designing my own rainbow skirt, so stay tuned!


How are you paying homage to the rainbow trend this summer? + Which look is your favorite? 1, 2 or 3? LET ME KNOW!

stay wild,


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