Casual Summer Outfit + I Designed my first top!

Hey Wild Child, 

I don’t care what color is in this season – I am crazy about PINK.

This outfit is no exception. 

Eugene and I decided to venture outside the Downtown Denver parameters and check out the neighboring city of Boulder, CO!

With pink in mind I crafted this look with two garments that I actually designed and made myself! It felt so GOOD to wear pieces that I created and actually get complements on my outfit! (You know when you want to do something but you need that extra push or sign that you should? This was it for me.)

Cotton Candy Denim Jacket

This jacket was a piece I ordered on Etsy in like 2016. At the time I was obsessed with denim jackets and had all of these Ideas on designing something unique. The jacket is an vintage men’s large work jacket that was originally a deep indigo. I just had to have it. When it arrived, I filled up my apartment tup with bleach and took out all the color. Then I filled the tub with some fabric dye I bought at the local Win Dixie (of all places) and only put a small amount of dye in the water. My goal was a sweet cotton-candy pink and I was going to add the same color ostrich feather trim around the bottom hem (haven’t quite gotten their yet). But, nonetheless this is one of my favorite pieces in my closet!


The Psychedelic Candy Tank

My biggest goal is to learn how to professionally sew clothes – so I can finally bring my visions to life! This tank top was my very first attempt. While it is definitely NOT a good sewing job, it still looks pretty dang cute from afar. At least enough for me to wear with a jacket thrown over. I can fortunately say that my sewing skills have vastly improved since I made this top – unfortunately I ran out of this fabric which was one of my favorites.

Basic White Skirt

I have been wearing this skirt ALL SUMMER. I am so glad I made the purchase last year at Free People – this is seriously the best skirt EVER. Whether or not I’m feeling’ “skinny” or just ate a 3lb burrito,  all this skirt does is flatter!

Go-To Pink Slip-ons

I purchased these pretty pink Vans at Nordstrom Rack about a month ago for just trips down the street and love them! Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to match the pink jacket with the shoes!

Let me know if you have any questions about any other pieces I’m wearing!

Stay Wild, 

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