Sassy Red Summer Outfit / OOTN

Hey Wild Child!

I am really feeling red right now! (Maybe because it’s almost Leo season and I’m coming into my own power? I certainly hope so.)

Red is always the color of power, sex, and passion – but red in the summer oozes hot sexuality and confidence. It is the true power color.

For this look, I wanted a head-to-toe fire red outfit – because why not stand out? The top and the pants are from Rent The Runway (surprise, surprise) & I LOVED both of the pieces!

The Fourth of July was just a few days away when shooting, so I took advantage of the photo op!





Here are the pieces from Rent the Runway + get $30 off your first RTR order with the link below!


Marrisa Web Red Ruffled Crop Top

This top was SO stunning. The quality is phenomenal and it is an extremely sturdy top with just the right amount of stretch. Honestly, one of the best quality made tops I’ve had in a while. Would be so perfect for a GNO or that vacation time you’ve been wanting to take!


Milly Hayden Red Pants

Not going to lie – I’ve gained some weight since moving to Denver- and I wasn’t sure if these pants were going to fit. Fortunately, they slid right over my big butt and honestly were the best fitting pants in my closet! (YAY!) Y’all. These pants are cool. Really cool. If you are interested in renting something from Rent the Runway for the first time (or fifth) – these would make a great addition. I will definitely be renting again.



What is your power color? Let me know in the comments! 

Thank you for reading!

Stay wild, 



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