$200 Scarlet & Gold Gifting (Instagram)

Hey Wild Child! It is a BIG WEEK.  Like I haven't even had time to process everything that is happening this week! To celebrate this HUGE STEP FORWARD for me, I've teamed up with a few of my favorite Alabama bloggers to do a $200 Scarlet & Gold Shop gifting!  Anywho, guidelines for entering the … Continue reading $200 Scarlet & Gold Gifting (Instagram)

DIY Going Away Gift Ideas

    I knew the day would come when we would all graduate college and start our adult lives. It is still strange to think that people I have been friends and neighboors with for over a decade are moving all the way from across the country to across the world. This particular week, I have … Continue reading DIY Going Away Gift Ideas

6 Books Your Dad Needs this Father’s Day

  Not sure what to get your dad this Father's Day? Don't let the holiday sneak up on you unprepared. This is my first installment on some epic Father's Day gift ideas. Sometimes the people you know the most are the hardest to pick out a gift for (especially men). No matter what kind of … Continue reading 6 Books Your Dad Needs this Father’s Day