3 Ways to Turn Workwear into Streetwear

Read until the end to get $30 towards your first Rent the Runway purchase! What's up Wild Child's?  Since I started my MBA program, my closet has progessively gotten more black and grey - and just overall boring. I was starting to feel like my closet has no personality. Can you relate? Here are three … Continue reading 3 Ways to Turn Workwear into Streetwear

Date night outfit: Rent the Runway

What's up Wild Childs? (Read to the end to get $30 off your first Rent the Runway purchase!!!!) I am all about saving a dime and am not afraid of using pre-owned items. Thrift stores, re-sale apps like Poshmark, and now Rent the Runway Update!  Last month, I registered for Rent the Runway Update after … Continue reading Date night outfit: Rent the Runway

Early Summer Engagement Style

If you haven't read the beautiful love story and romantic engagement of my two friends Kayla & Kade, be sure to take a peep here. Being this my first ever engagement to witness and participate in, I was a bit unsure of what to wear. Since the plan hinged on the girls and I taking … Continue reading Early Summer Engagement Style

She Said Yes!

With graduation coming to a close and summer fast approaching, tis' the season for engagements. Already on my FaceBook feed were a slew of friends and acquaintances from years past professing their love for each other with a sweet diamond ring. While it wasn't my turn to put a ring on my finger, I was fortunate … Continue reading She Said Yes!

DIY Going Away Gift Ideas

    I knew the day would come when we would all graduate college and start our adult lives. It is still strange to think that people I have been friends and neighboors with for over a decade are moving all the way from across the country to across the world. This particular week, I have … Continue reading DIY Going Away Gift Ideas