How to Rock Safari Style this Summer

Hey Wild Child! Warm rays, beach days, and pure bliss.¬†Who else is begging for summer to come early?!? Here in Birmingham, the weather has multiple personalities. Currently, we are edging between torrential downpour and 80 degrees with blue skies. The weather men (and women) can't keep up, and neither can I. I've been thinking lately … Continue reading How to Rock Safari Style this Summer

Best Drug Store Self Tanner of 2018 for Super Pale Skin!

Best drugstore self tanner under $30. Not a cheeto in site.

Early Summer Engagement Style

If you haven't read the beautiful love story and romantic engagement of my two friends Kayla & Kade, be sure to take a peep here. Being this my first ever engagement to witness and participate in, I was a bit unsure of what to wear. Since the plan hinged on the girls and I taking … Continue reading Early Summer Engagement Style